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And we are OPEN again - the place to eat from in Sleaford!

Well what a strange time the past 3 months have been! At #tiamoitalian, we have put so much time and effort into the restaurant since we opened in October 2018, spending almost every waking hour in it changing the layout and decor, adding new procedures, and making it a cosy relaxing Mediterranean restaurant like it should be. On the 22nd March 2020 when we had no other choice but to close our doors to the public, the feeling in the pit of my stomach was indescribable. I was devastated. Devastated for the staff, devastated for the reputation of the business and all the hard work that had gone in to it and devastated for the uncertainty of the future.

But today, the 18th June 2020, we have opened our doors again! And it feels so GOOD!

If one picture could speak a thousand words then it is this one (please ignore the lovely graffiti that has been etched into the wall)

The gates are open, the door is open, the kitchen in full swing, the music on, even the extractors were music to my ears and normally I can't stand that whirring noise in the background! But today it just felt right!

We are open for takeaways only due to the government restrictions still in place but this means that you are able to get a delivery or a collection order of your #favouriteItalian food from your favourite Italian restaurant again.

Go to to view our menu, select a time and date, place your order and pay by card. We have #tiamofamilyfeast deals, a special Father's Day deal for this Sunday and lots more. Have a look and let us know your thoughts. We always love to hear from you ❤️

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