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Local Lockdown for Sleaford, National News for Tiamo!

What a rollercoaster of a ride life is at the moment! And I'm sure many of you can relate to this statement in so many different walks of life?

Tiamo was contacted by #BBCRadioLincolnshire yesterday morning to go live on their breakfast show to talk about the implications of changing an established restaurant into a takeaway overnight.

We didn't think about the extent of the changes that needed to be made to make this process happen to the standard that we pride ourselves on within Tiamo Italian, so we definitely wouldn't ever expect our customers or followers to understand this.

Who would have thought that the whole cooking process needs to be changed for the likes of a Carbonara, just to enable it to travel further than the 5 seconds it would normally take from our kitchen to your restaurant table, let alone to your own house!

The radio interview left us on a real high with a good incentive to drive the business forward throughout these crazy times we are living in. However, a few hours later, we were then contacted by #BBCNews! As if it could get any better!

It was a very scary and daunting prospect to speak live on the BBC News Channel and I won't lie....the thought of backing out crossed my mind more than once! But, then I thought - aren't these times that we are all finding ourselves in very scary and daunting? Can we back out of life just because its scary? And then this happened.......

Emotional subject, scary times and bunched together with the first time on live TV - what did you think?

Let us know your thoughts on this delicate but very prominent issue.

Tiamo Italian is currently open for takeaways from Thursday - Saturday 5pm until 9pm and Sundays 12pm until 7pm. Orders can be taken via our website for delivery or collection or alternatively you can call the restaurant on 01529 305223 to place your order directly.

We'll keep on pushing through this #winterlockdown and I'm sure we won't be the only ones with our fingers crossed for a better year to come.


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