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Your new look Tiamo Italian!

Out with the old and in with the was time for a change.

Since taking over in October 2018, so many changes have been made with new staff, new menus, new layouts in the kitchen and new training procedures to name only a few. However, many of these changes will not have been noticed by our customers due to being behind the scenes. They are all very important changes to ensure the day to day running and management of the restaurant is smooth and able to cope with a large amount of customers. Hygiene and cleanliness is very high up on our list of priorities so we have implemented new cleaning rotas and schedules to ensure every inch of Tiamo gets the care and attention it needs on a daily basis. Our staff training is also another point that is so important to us, as we feel that not only by them being trained does it make for a better customer experience for you all, but also by them understanding what they are doing and the reasons they are doing it, it makes them feel more confident and love their job all the more - something that is a MUST in Tiamo!

So, after all these changes were made there was one recurring question from our regular customers and that was "when are you changing the decor and putting your stamp on the place?" NOW is the answer! Here is your new look #TiamoItalian.

A comparison photo is always good to look back on, and for you all to see the work that has gone into making an Italian restaurant look authentic, Mediterranean, welcoming, relaxing and yet still fresh and bright to compliment the building that it is set within.

So here's what it used to look like....

Big difference hey?

Well, keep a look out as this is only the beginning....we have lots in store for this place and with it being the restaurant that is set in the Heart of Sleaford, it would only be right if we made our next move by changing the outside dining experience for you all to enjoy. Watch this space ❤️

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